Paintings for Julian - Progress Post

I'm excited to say that I reached a milestone on my fundraising journey today and made it past the half-way mark! I've completed 2 paintings and currently have 2 more queued up. I thought I'd do another post to share a few progress photos and thank everyone that has supported this project so far. It's been so much fun getting to learn about everyone's pets and explore some new styles of art. This has been such a rewarding project for me. I hope to capture the special spark that people share with their pets :)



[gallery columns="2" ids="1786,1787,1790,1791"]



[gallery columns="2" ids="1792,1793,1794,1795,1797"]

I will add more progress photos to this post as I finish more paintings. This seems like a good place to keep everything as the project continues

Are you interested in a pet portrait? Here are the details from the original blog post. Remember that 100% of the money I raise for this project goes directly to Children's Cancer Research Fund. I'm doing this in honor of Julian Golden, learn more about his story at

Here's the deal:

  • Donate $50 or more to the Time to Fly event via my donation page
  • I'll get an email notifying me of the donation
  • I will do a happy dance, sadly there will be no witnesses
  • Within one week of your donation, I will contact you via the email that you provided when you made your donation to discuss the details of your pet portrait and get reference photos

Rules, restrictions and mumbo-jumbo:

  • This offer is limited to pets or animals in general only. Trust me, you don't want me painting your child or your favorite vacation spot.
  • Reference photos must be supplied by you and you must have legal rights to them. Please do not pull an image off of the internet and say you want that painted. That's not nice.
  • Art will be done using the supplies I currently have. I'm not made of money at the moment and don't intend on buying a bunch of new supplies to feed this whim. Check out the list below for available options. You aren't limited to paintings!
  • All pieces will be completed in the year 2013. If you are thinking about making this a gift, I will do my best to work with a deadline. But please tell me in advance.
  • The size of the piece may be limited by the amount of your donation. I'm not going to do an epic three canvas triptych of Fluffy riding into battle for $50. Email me if you want more specific sizing information.
  • I reserve the right to photograph and publish the finished painting, progress photos and/or your pets name on this website. I respect your privacy and will not publish your name or email information.
  • If you are not located in the Twin Cities area, we will need to arrange shipping. All shipping fees to be paid for by recipient.
  • I reserve the right to cap this offer at any time if I get overwhelmed with requests. Although I have my doubts people will be lining up for this. PROVE ME WRONG!
  • This offer ends on June 20th. All funds must be raised before the Time to Fly event.
  • Paintings will be complete in the year 2013.
  • These rules are subject to change if I think of something else important.

Mediums, supplies and options:

I have A LOT of art supplies. Over the years I've sampled waaaay more techniques than any sane person would bother with.  That being said, you can pick and choose from any of the fun options below. I am notorious for mixing mediums and would love to explore your ideas.

  • Acrylic paint (Canvas sizes available: 8" x 8" or 8" x 10", larger canvas options available for larger donations, email me for details)
  • Chalk pastel
  • Stencils/spray paint
  • Scratchboard (Sizes available: 8" x 8" or 8" x 10")
  • Munny dolls
  • Watercolor
  • Water soluble pencils
  • Charcoal
  • Espresso watercolor
  • Embroidery
  • Digital illustration
  • Decorative paper
  • Watercolor paper
  • Yupo paper