Cooper Painting Process Photos

Last Friday, my co-worker had to put her cat, Cooper, down after he developed a blood clot that left his back legs paralyzed. As heartbreaking as the decision was for her, it was definitely the right thing to do for him because the quality of life with treatment would have been pretty low and the chances of him pulling through were not in his favor. My heart went out to her and no amount of hugs or condolences felt like it was enough to express how sad I was. Art has always been a good release for me so I spent the weekend commemorating Cooper's life in a small portrait for Annette and Brent. I'm really happy with how it turned out and wanted to share the process photos here. It was fun to see it evolve. Cooper was such a beautiful and inspiring cat.

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Annette and Brent loved the painting. They were glad that the first piece of custom art that went up in their new home was so personal and special. Cooper will always have a home in their hearts.