Parades a-plenty

Yesterday was a pretty action packed day. I woke up early to drive to Hugo, MN and represent The Wildcat Sanctuary in their summer parade. We had a really awesome group of people in our "float" which won the second place trophy for funniest group. Jeanna had a friend help out with facepaint which was fun. Jeanna turned into a tiger for the day while I donned some spots on my arms and a snow leopard mask. Four of us hula hooped in front of the row of tiger cars to draw more attention to tws. It was a blast and quite the workout. I'm a little sad I didn't wear my fitbit at all yesterday, the numbers would have been fun to see. Trying to hoop, talk about TWS and keep up with the rest of the parade was quite the work out. We had fun getting parade goers to roar like tigers for candy. The biggest thing we had as a take away for any up coming parades is to find a way to have music for the hoopers. It was pretty challenging to keep going for the whole 1.3 miles with nothing to jam to.

Hugo Parade Hooping

When I returned home,  I relaxed and recovered from some feelings of dehydration. Shortly after Chris got home from work, we got ready to head out to Northern Spark. It was my first year experiencing this event and although most of the things we tried to see were not working or were too busy to even get to, I would like to go next year. I think in the future I would stay out of the downtown area and stick with the Stone Arch Bridge zone. It seemed like that area had a lot of neat interactive things. We came across a little dance party on our way out so I got to zone out and hoop a little with my LED hoop, "Serenity". Unfortunately the place was pretty crowded and people didn't give me much room so I stopped. By the end of the evening, my feet were ready to call it quits. Thanks to the parking ramp taking an hour to get out of, I didn't get home until about 2 am. Sleeping in until 1pm this afternoon felt AMAZING!

I haven't had much time to hoop lately but with going to Hoopla last week and hooping basically all day yesterday, I'm starting to feel the itch again. Today I decided to splurge on the next set of classes through, Waves (taught by the amazing Brecken Rivara) and Breaks. I'm thinking these categories of movements will greatly improve my flow and allow me to explore a greater range of play. I continue to struggle with is my inability to let loose. Something I particularly admire about Brecken is her ability to dance with the hoop. Tricks are one thing, but incorporating them into something graceful and entertaining is where the magic is.

Enjoy an inspirational hooping video. The choreography is incredible, everything about the performance is spot on.