The Food

Okay, super lazy post this morning! I slacked off this weekend and caught up with friends and family instead... I need to catch up or my posts will fall to the wayside and I won't document everything like I wanted to!!! Anyway, Quick gallery post of most of the food we ate on our trip. that's half the fun of travelling isn't it? The food we ate was almost always fresh and preservative free (okay, we had Pizza Hut once... so I can't say *always*). Most days we had rice, beans and chicken with salad, tea, fruits and sometimes pasta and always, always, always Tortillas!

Most mornings and lunches we ate at the wonderful Margarita's house and dinner would be someplace in the city like a local cafe or sandwich place. While in San Marcos we found an amazing curry restaurant where we stuffed our faces and went into a food coma shortly after.


I'll get to more posts with substance soon, I promise!