The Wildcat Sanctuary

Amy's Going away Drawing Last night at my friend Amy's going away party, her roommate had us all draw something for her. I got a little carried away and took over the far left portion of the page. Good times. It was fun to play.

Today was my first day of Volunteering at the Wildcat Sanctuary. It was absolutely amazing getting to do so much for these cats that have been so mistreated by people who thought they could own or tame them. TWS does such amazing things and I'm glad I finally have time to participate and help them. Here are some pictures from the tour that we had as part of our orientation.

Big Cat in a small body

One of the many "Domestic" Bengals that are taken care of at TWS. These cats are bred to have the coats of wild cats like African Servals and sold to unsuspecting owners that expect to get all of the beauty of wildcats with none of the fuss...they couldn't be more wrong

Sampson and the Servals

Sampson is a Caracal that enjoys the company of the African Servals at the Sanctuary. Birds of a feather may flock together but cat's don't have to have the same fur coat to share a perch.

Aslan the Lion

Male lions might be called Kings of beasts...but Aslan's Queens don't let him get too far out of line. He knows who's boss and they get the hammocks.

The Pride

Aslan and one of his ladies, I still can't distinguish between Asha or Shanti but they're both beautiful ladies there to boss the big guy around. We couldn't get the Lionesses to come say hi to us until we got Aslan's attention and he came to say hi, then the two girls had to come and see what he was up to.


Titan is the Male tiger they have on the grounds. Lily, his girlfriend wasn't nearby at the time. But I got some great shots of Titan pacing by the fence wall. He huffed his hellos to us and was disappointed when he realized we weren't the feeding crew.


Had to post another shot of Titan, he's just so handsome!!!

And yes we did actually get work done, it wasn't all just fun and games and seeing the pretty cats. We helped get more work done on the Cougar Cove enclosures. it was hard work but so very rewarding...and I have to say, it was odd being the Cougar's entertainment for the day, I'm sure they had fun watching us toil over them! :p

If you want to learn more about The Wildcat Sanctuary, check out their site

*note: TWS is not open to the public, this is to ensure that the cats are kept safe and to keep people who are not welcome off the property. Look at their website to find ways that you can support their cause. It's worth while and a truly beautiful thing they are doing for these animals.