A Sunny Black Friday

It's the end of November and it's freaking gorgeous out...am I the only one who thinks this is abnormal and a little disconcerting? It's Minnesota, snow is expected well before now. Lakes should be frozen over and kids should be having snowball fights right about now. I'm going to stop rambling about this now before someone tries to hurt me though... Thanksgiving was wonderful yesterday. Gathered with my aunt Diane's family and enjoyed a wonderful dinner made almost entirely by my cousin Kori. She did an awesome job, the turkey was absolutely perfect. I'm making myself hungry again just thinking about the amazing food... Of course we had the typical conversations touching on all the subjects to avoid at a family gathering, politics, news, sports etc. I think we made it out without talking about religion which made me happy. The holidays this year are going to be rather quiet I think. Usually we get together at my uncle Tom's house where his wife makes the most amazing dinner and we do a small gift exchange, catch up and enjoy seeing the great grand-kids run around. The economy is getting to everyone though and family gatherings are expensive and stressful. I think the most we'll do this year is do dinner someplace, that way the stress isn't all on one person and no one is expected to bring gifts. Personally, I hate how holidays have focused so much on gift giving and less on time spent together.

This year, any gifts I give (with some exceptions) will probably be handmade in someway or another. I've got some ideas floating around in my head and am really looking forward to taking the time to get back into art. This year has been very artless for me. I'm hoping to change that once this semester is over and I have a month off, then just an externship next semester. No classes, no homework and a work environment that with any luck won't suck the life out of me. I need art again, I miss it and crave it. Starting with an art journal, I need to get in the habit again.

Nothing terribly new to report I guess...hopefully this week I'll get a start on that art journal and can throw something at you then. Maybe I'll find some answers too.